April 14, 2008

Some Will Hate You Less Than Others...

Negotiating your way through the world can be tricky. Probably the best advice about what to expect or even what to hope for came from my older sister, on vacation from the California State School for the Blind, when she was about eight: she told me that all we can hope for is that some people will hate us less than others. 

The notion stayed with me a very long time.

When I was still very young, I used to wonder "Who will hate us?" and then "Who are the 'others' hated more by these people?"

My thinking was founded on the certain knowledge that I was beloved of God, equal with all human beings, and capable of bringing hope to anyone who would allow me in. 

Where is the room, in this foundation, for "hate"? But, I was afforded several opportunities to engage "hate"--- one example stands out to me: while riding my bicycle along a mile stretch of road, in the homeward direction from school, a young fellow walked the other direction from me, and when we intersected, but just before I was to pass by him, he screwed up his face and spat upon me. I must say with all sincerity, there is no more direct connection between meaning and action than when one is spat on...

I can recall feeling flushed, angered, and I think I even yelled something inarticulate. That had never happened to me before. I certainly didn't know how to cope with it. 

But that was then... here's a little bit from shelleytherepublican.com on the mentally challenged among us. She writes today, and  is really filled with vitriol:
Retards are clearly hateful to God - otherwise why would He have made them that way? In the old days of the pilgrim fathers, our ancestors knew what to do with retards. They killed them, or, if God gave them a  disability that was particularly amusing, they took advantage of his bounty and made entertainment out of them.
They did not  pretend that retards were ‘like us’ and worship them as liberals do.
Shelley adds:

I hate to say it but Americans could learn something from Europe: How they treat their retards. They just put them away in a home, just put a straitjacket on them and feed them once a day, that’s it. Let God sort them out. If God doesn’t like it He can always make them normal!

The point I am trying to make is that retards are useless to our (or any) society. Fact is that they are damaging society to a degree that some people say we should find a final solution for them, like in the good old days.

Shelley the Republican is an example of the kind of response we fear if we reveal ourselves to others. Hers is the backwards view of our world and of the good and proper way to behave in that world. It negates any concept of love for one's neighbor, compassion for the less fortunate, etc. 

But, Shelley does resurrect Hitler's notion of the "useless eaters" among us, and the need to cleanse society of us... I bet Shelley's parents are real proud of her, too. But, Shelley isn't the most recent hater... 

"Anonymous is now at war with epileptics." Anonymous is a virtual army of griefers, anxious to invade and make in-roads into the cyber-lands of their designated opponents.  A couple of weeks ago, epileptics became the targets of these hacking fools.

Okay, so who hates us more and who hates us less? 

Or, is it really hate they feel toward us or have they just spied an opportunity for themselves? 

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asa said...

This Shelley person is very disturbing.

I don't know why anyone would say the things she said - other than pure hate and fear and obviously, more than her fair share of ignorance.

I'd also point out, however, that epilepsy is not mental retardation (of course, I know YOU know this, but I think a lot of people do not). To equate them is to considerably fail to understand either condition and that they are not related in any neurological way, unless there has been specific nerulogical damage - In most cases, epileptics, or temporal lobe epileptics and many others are more gifted than many of their peers - and this is not reverse prejudice at all, but a simple fact. Witness Poe, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Napoleon (you may not like him, but he was definitely a major figure and not stupid), St. Paul, Mohammed, Socrates, Hippocrates (father of all modern medicine and ancient medicine), Pythagoras, and the list goes on and on...

Shelley needs to do some research, clearly. Shelley also needs to understand that epilepsy and mental retardation are not the same thing. Why not simply say "spastic" then if s/he is going to be so disparaging?

It sounds to me that Shelley is profoundly "unbalanced". How God - if we are to believe in God in the first place - fits into this picture is beyond me. The real question would be If there is a God, how could this God crate people who hate as much as this person?

Interesting question, no? Yet the world is filled with haters - More often than not, they are simply those bullies lacking in any true courage.

I feel only absolute pity for them, not even contempt, just pity...

How very sad. Ignorance prevails, alas...

Take good care of yourself,