November 6, 2008

Epilepsy Awareness Month!!!

It's that time of year again when we should all consider making others aware of Epilepsy. 

Here is a little ammunition to get the conversation rolling:

1.  Epilepsy outstrips AIDS in annual deaths
2.  Some 181,000 persons will develop Epilepsy each year.
3.  The Department of the Army estimates that as many as 50% of returning injured Iraq and Afghan vets will develop E. within the next 15 years.
4.  The same percentages apply to veterans from the VietNam war.
5.  An epileptic "seizure" is not necessarily a "convulsion".
6. There are an estimated 22 different seizure types.
7. 1 in 50 people already have Epilepsy.

The most important thing an individual with E. can do for himself is to stand up and identify as a person with E.
Stigma, or a feeling of disgrace or shame can be eliminated if we stand up and speak out. Stigma is the most dangerous aspect to life with Epilepsy.

1 comment:

Emery said...

Found your blog through a friend.

Epilepsy affected our family greatly. My first born son, named after myself, and someone filled with love and passion died in his sleep due to unknown causes at the age of 25, five years ago. He had epilepsy from 10 and tegretol kept most everything in check until his early 20's when he was confident GOD had healed him. We believe GOD was in control, even though his loss at an early age was difficult to comprehend.

I hope your efforts prove to help others. GOD bless you in 2009!