November 25, 2008

What to Ask for this Christmas?

I don't have my shopping done. I don't even know for certain who I am giving gifts to this year... But, I have a suggestion or two some of us might want to ask Santa to bring us.

A few years back, the BBC created a wonderful mini-series about the life of an unheralded British prince. His secret life was made that way because of his epilepsy. It is a truly touching story, beautifully shot in Britain, and worth adding to any DVD collection. A good gift for movie buffs, certainly.

Then, for those of us wanting to help others for whom we are concerned, let me suggest medical alert bracelets, silicone bracelets, safety  and these are wonderfully temporary skin tats for children and adults that provide needed emergency info without wearing a bracelet or necklace. 

So, you can use Santa's favorite method of obtaining further information on these products by simply looking in either Google or Yahoo. All of these things can be located on the web.

Now, I have to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. 

More about Christmas, later.


B.D. said...

I have not seen the tats before - that is a great idea. Could also be good for big outings like taking kids to a ball game or theme park where they could get lost, panic, and forget the phone number.

We have seen an increase in interest in medical alert systems during the holiday time - it feels like a more significant gift for an older parent or relative.

rsorrin said...

Hi Paula...

Unfortunately, it has been my experience that the medic-alerts are not so useful when the seizure happens in a situation where 911 is not called. If 911 is called they will look for medic-alert I.D. If 911 is not called then many times the civilian/Good Samaritan does not look for medic-alert I.D. In my presentations to social service groups and schools I urge people to look for I.D. Most say they do not look.

Just some food for thought.

Rob Sorrin

rsorrin said...

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