January 28, 2009

Valentine's Day is Coming!!!

Greetings... I am in such a mood because Valentine's Day is coming! The color, the candy, the flirtatiousness... dizzyingly delightful. But is that all?

Nope. An interesting story is that St Valentine was the patron Saint of Epilepsy because he was supposedly a sufferer and took a keen interest in those who suffered from this affliction and  later, those who suffered this disease were said to be suffering from Valentine's sickness.

To the right are some of my favorite expressions of the day, if not my favorite candies. I am like many women, someone who really prefers chocolate... good quality chocolate!!! Still, these take me back to a much simpler time, days of elementary school angst.

My mama always wanted me to fit in well, so she was great at making certain I had plenty of these little boxed candies to include with my class Valentine cards. Giving them out was fun. Getting Valentines from other kids was such an act of inclusion to me. I felt like I fit in, like kids liked me, like someone cared. It always felt like such a grand day to me.

And then there were the cupcakes! Ah.... Seemed like someone's mother took time out to make cupcakes. Over the years, some of them were really good---the kind where the frosting stayed put and the cake was moist. Then, there were the others---cake too dry to eat, really, or scorched on the bottoms. Still, with the cupcakes came fruit punch and time away from the books to enjoy each other's company. A good day, as I recall.

Well, this is my Valentine's Wish for all of you: 
give a little, get a lot and enjoy it all! 
Be happy and love one another.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Paula.

I've had epilepsy since I was about 15, 40 years ago. I'm right side TLE, without a GTC for about 9 years, thanks to Lamictal and Topamax, although I've grown accustomed to living in world of auras. The aura activity and anxiety/depression have kept me on the disabled side of the work force since my E became unrelenting about 10 years ago.

I've been avoiding E organizations and other information sources for a good 6 years In a halfhearted attempt at denial, but I was searching up some information on a med my doc wants me to try, and I ended up on your blog. I was reading for hours. Thank you so much for grounding me, for reminding me about what it is that's been making me tick, and for putting a couple tools back in my hands. It's easy to get lost in this thing.

David Bowman