July 9, 2009

Rita Kuehn book: Peripheral View

I just finished reading Peripheral View. I have to say that to my surprise there were some really accurate portrayals of characters and their feelings about persons with epilepsy. This is not an apology for those feelings, but rather a solid statement of ways in which folks still carry around out-of-date information about our disorder.

I asked if the author had E. herself or if she had been caretaker to someone with E. and she answered me thus:

“My Aunt Lucille had a severe case of epilepsy; it began when she was a child in the 1950’s. Drugs for the disease weren’t what they are today, and she was placed in nursing homes and group homes as an adult. She spent her entire adult life in these places. As a child, I was afraid of her or tried to ignore her— looking at her with a peripheral view—, but as an adult, I volunteered at the place she lived and got to know her. While I was embarrassed by her, she grabbed onto my hand and announced to everyone she could that I was her niece. That alone deeply touched my heart. I learned that she had the same feelings as any of us, that she was embarrassed by the helmet she wore to keep from hurting herself during seizures, and most importantly, that she had found someone special. She wanted out of the institution, to marry him--to have love, family, and her own home. A caseworker, and my sister Roxann Dunst, helped her become independent and fulfill her dreams. Those peripheral views, and Aunt Lucille capturing my heart the way she did, was the inspiration for Peripheral View.”

The novel is 328 pages, paperback, and just the right size for taking along when one has waiting to do. I was uncertain about the book when I began reading, but the story became so compelling to me that I found I could not put it down until I had finished reading it. I would recommend it as a solid pick for summer reading.

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Rita Kuehn said...

Paula, thank you for this great review! I've heard that it's a hard book to put down, and you just confirmed it for me. As an author, you never know how readers will respond. My aunt's story truly affected me, and it's one I had to get down on paper. All best regards, Rita Kuehn