March 17, 2010

A Purple World is a Better, Friendlier World!

When Cassidy Megan was nine, she wanted to do something fantastic for folks with epilepsy. She knows first-hand what E. is like, because she shares epilepsy with the rest of us. She knows how lonely having E. can make you.

In the U.S., we all know that November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, but having a day in springtime to elicit support is a wonderful thing.

Spring is the time when the buds open, warmer rains fall, and life begins anew... it is also a time when we can open up to others and show them we support them in their lives.

Perhaps the sight of hundreds of people wearing purple is a kind of emotional jolt to those of us with E. who understand it's meaning. The notion that so many others are willing to help us out of the closet and welcome us into society as we are is a most generous way of giving.

By offering to us even a silent but deliberate show of support, many of us can stand a little taller and breathe a little easier. It is as if the whole world has come out for a day to say "we are all your friends".

Thanks, Cassidy, for having such a good idea and sharing it with the rest of us. Because of you and all those willing to wear Purple for a Day we can say that a Purple World is a Better World!
It brings us all closer to one another.