March 15, 2008

My Tonic-Clonic Experience

This is the way I feel coming out from the blackness of a convulsion. I don't know who the artist is or I would offer credit and my sincerest thanks for graphically expressing something so esoteric and difficult to explain to those who ask or wonder about without asking.

The involuntary scream, the rolled back eyes, the sensation that I am under water, that I may not be able to break back into consciousness again...

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Rycharde Manne said...

Thanks for sharing that - doesn't sound like fun. I don't have TCs but my experience of coming out of a blackout is less... harrowing. Like floating in a black scintillating cosmos. Disconnected from body and thoughts it is actually not unpleasant, rather like touching base consciousness. My first thought, first time it happened, was,"am I dead?" It took some mental effort to reconnect the neural pathways. Maybe one day I'll just float off. It doesn't scare me.

all the best