April 15, 2008

Shall We Play A Game?

I used to hear it alot: a kind of playground mind game that travelled with folks my age into adulthood. It goes something like this: which would you rather lose, your eyesight or your hearing?

Then, there is the list game: how many illnesses or conditions can you name for each letter of the alphabet... 

The thing about these kinds of games that strikes me beyond their insensitivity is the constant reference to ill or disabled people as the social 'other'--- reinforcement of the them versus us status.

These games never work to make the players more sensitive or aware. These kinds of games never seem to offer any kind of inclusion. Instead, these games keep reminding all of us, collectively, that there are others whose lives are miserable because they are not like us.

Okay--- I have a new game: which would you rather lose control of, your consciousness or your bowels?

Thanks for playing!
See you next time!

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