May 2, 2011

The Cage

Bothered by nighttime thrashing? Nocturnal activity troubling your spouse? Try the cage!

Updated from older, more institutional models,
the Cage is made from fine, hard woods with brass
hardware. It comes with a lifetime guarantee... As long as you live, the Cage will protect you from injury during those nighttime spells.

Custom fitted to your height and weight, the Cage offers you a peaceful, protected, comfortable night's sleep.

In the Czech Republic, patients are routinely housed in "caged beds" as a means of keeping them from walking around and getting under foot. Please...understand that this is a little bit of sarcasm on my part. I just get sick of the things people do to try to
"help" we disabled...

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...


Elizabeth McClung said...

I can't see the picture but my parents were instructed to put a muzzle device on me 'for my own good' when I slept. Since it cost money, they didn't get it (one time their super frugal ways saved me). I have to wonder how many other children were 'muzzled'. (that was the word use, a 'protective muzzle')

I'm Not My Disease said...

This cage contraption is unbelievable! Hi, found you at Health Zoo. Just letting you know I am hosting the Disability Blog Carnival this month for the first time ever and was looking for interested bloggers. I've made it simple to join and show case early parts of your blog. Cheers from your newest follower.

Tim S said...

I missed the sarcasm part on the first read through. I was like "wow, that's a bit extreme."

I understand wanting to keep people safe but this seems a bit extreme and inhumane.

Em said...

the picture isnt showing up but am able to guess what its like.
am a long time user of LD/autism institutional & residential care and they were looking into getting the bearhugs spacesaver kinderkey bed due to seizures and head and limb injury from regular banging,OT had adapted it with padding as much as their tightwad budget can handle.

coudnt believe eyes upon seeing the fortress type bed in this day and age,kinderkey sell one of those to,am guessing more for severe challenging behavior-link to it here-

it can actualy help some of us by having barriers around us it makes us feel safer,however the fortress type abomination is taking away the users independance and freedom.

am also amazed to hear the comments from elizabeth on how she was treated, that really is disgusting,am twenty eight and developed severe lifelong epilepsy as a two year old,its awful to hear how deeply uneducated people were on neurology.