March 17, 2018

St. Patrick & Epilepsy...

MEDICAL MATTERS:  if you suffer from epileptic seizures, St Patrick’s your only man, writes MUIRIS HOUSTON
THE INTERNATIONAL image of St Patrick’s Day is more about leprechauns, green beer and cabbage and corn beef than early Irish Christianity. And while the myths associated with St Patrick do not have a particularly medical flavour, in general saints have been linked with diseases and cures through the centuries.
St Patrick has been mentioned as someone to pray to if you have epilepsy.
Tradition has it that a person with epilepsy who slept on “leaba Pharaic” on Caher Island off the Mayo coast could be cured. 


Arthur said...

Thanks for your link to the Irish Times article. As I am both Irish and epileptic, I found it very interesting. I thought I'd post another link you might like

Charlie and I write at, and some of her poems and essays have to do with her epilepsy

Thanks again, Arthur

miracle said...

This blog is extraordinary...great job :)